Do you want to be a top model who is in demand? If so, what does it take to separate you from the rest of the crowd in a competitive industry? As a photographer, I believe these are some of the attributes of a top model that can bring you success:

She is responsive to communications regarding the shoot

attributes of a top model communication

Whether it is by email, phone or text, a top model responds to shoot-related requests or ideas promptly. Her communications will be professional, thorough and thoughtful. Not just “K” or “IDK” texts; rather, she answers questions in a clear and concise manner. This ability to communicate reflects her professionalism, maturity, and genuine interest in the shoot.

She contributes to the concept

A model may appear at a shoot, do her job, then leave. That truly is all she is technically paid for. However, a top model lets her opinion be known. She may suggest a different take on a concept, styling ideas, or even a switch in lighting or composition. She does this from the perspective of a creative team member. She does not demand or attempt to take over the shoot; rather, she is an active participant in ensuring an outstanding image results from the effort.

She is early or on time

There are few things that are more frustrating than having a team ready to go and the model is late or does not show up at all. A top model understands that time is money. She shows up to the shoot early or on time. When working with a new model, I always look at my watch when she arrives. If she is early or on time, the rest of the shoot usually goes very well and I will book her again. If she is late without a good excuse, I rarely will utilize her in the future.

She is on the mark from the first frame

I can tell within ten clicks of the shutter whether I am working with a top model. She knows how to quickly get into “the groove” and can capture the look I want in short order. I can explain the concept the client wants, general feel of the image, and what kind of mood or emotion I want her to project. She then takes the ball and runs with it from the first frame. A top model does not need ongoing coaching or direction.

Her eyes say it all

attributes of a top model eyes

I have worked with many beautiful models. But sometimes beauty and knowing how to strike a pose just isn’t good enough. I have had shoots with very little to show for the effort because the beautiful model could not express herself through her eyes. A top model is like Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”; she lets the viewer catch a glimpse of her very soul as her eyes gaze toward the camera.

These are just my own ideas and there are a few more I may cover in future blogs. But I believe that if a model has these attributes of a top model, her chances of success are very high indeed.